AgilePM® Foundation Certification course

The AgilePM® Foundation training is not only for Project Managers. This is a course for everyone who takes up challenges in projects with different roles:

  • Business and technical
  • Senior managers who direct the overall project requirements
  • Team members focused on project details

AgilePM® is a very popular methodology for precise project management developed and maintained by the Agile Business Consortium. It is a real Agile presenting the philosophy of effective design activities, learning the pillars of the process, principles, products and practices that arise from the common sense and pragmatism on which the goal-oriented methodology stands. It is based on principles that should be used in every project to lead and strengthen the chances of success. The AgilePM® Foundation training covers dynamic project management and team(s) management. The goal of the training is for participants to acquire basic knowledge in project management. It is to learn the key elements of the AgilePM® methodology. This method can be used for various types and sizes of project. It therefore gives practical guidance on processes, roles, responsibilities, practices and products.

Benefits for the participants

  • Acquiring knowledge about processes existing in projects
  • Acquiring knowledge about products produced by the project
  • Understanding the definition of project roles in accordance with the Agile methodology
  • Ability to use appropriate tools for project management
  • Improving communication skills in the project
  • Ability to define project requirements and their appropriate organization
  • Learning methods that enable shortening the duration of projects
  • Learning about the different styles that you can use to manage projects
  • Acquiring knowledge about the differences in cascade and agile management
  • Ability to build relationships between the project organization and project steering committee
  • Ability to create proper cooperation between technical and business employees
  • Ability to implement business changes in organizations faster and more effectively
  • Obtaining the Agile international certificate

Training methods

  • On-line, Covid-19 responsible, via reliable internet platform
  • Lectures with discussions
  • Practical exercises
  • Solving and explaining exam sample question

Training language



2 days


Training + Certification exam €650

V.A.T. is not included

Course programme and

Day 1

  1. Introduction to the course
  2. AgilePM fundamentals
  3. Stakeholders, roles and responsibilities. Exercise: Project organization
  4. The DSDM process and products
  5. Planning, control and estimating. Exercize: DSDM Project lifecycle
  6. End of day1
  7. Homework: AgilePM Foundation examination sample papers

Day 2

  1. Homework debrief
  2. Requirements and Prioritization
  3. Timeboxing and Iterative Development
  4. Quality. Exercise: DSDM Products
  5. Workshops and Modelling
  6. Preparing for a success and Risk. Exercise: Project Approach Questionnaire
  7. The course summary. Exercise: Match with DSDM Process
  8. End of the course

AgilePM® is a trade mark of Agile Business Consortium.

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