A word by the General Manager

Why choose the programs of SBC?

The School of Business Competences offers effective, easy and economic way to gain the knowledge and skills the business is looking for.

This statement is supported by the recognition of big Bulgarian and European organisations, developing their employees through the standard integrated in our programs.

Effectiveness of the programs

We offer flexible learning forms– designed to meet the needs of every individual.

Along with the traditional attendance courses, we offer modern web- based learning options through our platform www.e-learning.bg and e-learning.sbc.bg, combined with attendance seminar at the end for exam preparation.

The E- learning helps you develop competences in convenient time and place. This form is suitable for both individual and group learning, combined with some live attendance seminars and discussions.

The E- learning grants you the possibility to acquire recognised professional qualification even at a place with no suitable educational organisation around.

Our Team

The team of the School of Business Competences is built by practitioners with experience in the academic and professional education as well as the practice.

The Contents

The study materials are developed in accordance to the best practice in different areas of education. The most courses are available in both Bulgarian and English language.

For in-company trainings we design exercises and cases for the specific industry and area of business.

The courses are available in standard form for open groups or in-company trainings designed case by case after analysis of the needs.

During the courses, the understanding of the matter by the audience is tested through exercises, tests and study cases. We offer an option to maintain the acquired knowledge through periodical post-course on-line seminars.


The flexible forms of attendance and the e-learning, provide a choice between different convenient forms of learning, reduce travel expenses and spend time.

We are flexible and respecting the budget of the customers.

The participants

can choose the time and place to study, depending on their needs.

The e-learning grants 24 hour access for people from different regions of the country and abroad, speeding the time to learn with 40- 60 percent(Brandon Hall, Web-Based Training Cookbook, 1997. p. 108.).

How does the e-learning platform work?

Our web- based platform www.e-learning.bg with courses in Bulgarian and English language is accessible to the whole world 24 hours a day and is very easy to use.

Participants receive their access credentials and work instructions.

Organisations send us a list of participants to be registered in the e-learning platform.

Our portfolio

We develop our study programs in 3 directions:

– Professional qualifications with focus on developing and managing the business;

– Certification courses for professional and business competences;

– Collection of open courses with strong practical orientation.

The School has helped many individuals and organisations deal with specific challenges. If you are curious to know how- please contact us right now!

Svetlana Drenska

General Manager