EBC*L Level А – Business economics

What is the audience for the course?

For professionals with non- economic background who need to be able to participate equally in decision making with the use of financial information.



Understanding the language and terms of financial statements

Managerial aspects of the costs

Basics of the financial analysis

Introduction to commercial law

Duration and form

30 study hours, divided in 4 weeks

Attendance, combining 5 Saturday/ Sunday seminars or 7 evening activities


Web- based e-learning with uploading additional training materials in the e-learning platform each week. In the last week an attendance seminar is held to prepare for the final exam.



In the end of the course a 2 hour certification exam is held for the EBC*L level A certificate issued in Austria and stamped by the European Kuratorium for Business Competences in Paderborn, Germany.


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What is included in the price?

Study materials, exercises, case studies, tests, sample exam tests

Seminars for exam preparation

Access to e-learning platform

Feedback from the lector

Certification exam and certificate if sucessful