EBC*L Level B – Business planning. Evaluation and analysis of investment projects. Marketing and sales.



Target audience

Acting or potential team managers and team leaders, and specialists who want to be able to prepare, control and evaluate business plans and investment projects.

Topics                 Каталог на учебните цели EBCL_ниво_B_в03


Business planning

Terminology, structure and tools to prepare a business plan. Analysis of value adding. Analysis of the business environment: PESTEL, STEEP, SWOT, portfolio analysis. Principles and best practice in preparing and defending a business plan and project proposal.

Evaluation and analysis of investment projects

Financial planning, budgeting and investment analysis- developing further the competencies from EBC*L Level A. Practical exercises of the budgeting process discussing the elements of the operational and financial budgets.

Basic methods for static and dynamic evaluation of investment projects with many examples to reinforce understanding- BEP(break even point method), ROI(return of investment), NPV(net present value), IRR(internal rate of return), Payback Period. 

Marketing and sales

Key terminology. Approaches and tools for analysis of market environment. Models to analyse products/ services/ decisions, clients, competitors and to approaches to present own products. Trade terminology when negotiating product sales. Typical activities in the sales pipeline. B2B- and solution- sales.

Duration and form

60 study hours, allocated in 7 to 10 weeks

Attendance form- combining 7 full day or 9 evening seminars, 2 of them for revision and preparation for the exam which is in 2 parts.


Web- based learning with sequential uploading of study materials every week and on-line consultations when needed. Two attendance seminars at the end to prepare for the exam.





The course ends with 2 written certification exams with a duration of 90 minutes each:

Part 1: Business planning, marketing and sales

Part 2: Evaluating and analysing investment projects

Each of the 2 exams should be passed in order to receive a certificate. The crtificate EBC*L level B is issued in Austria by the European Kuratorium for business competencies in Paderborn, Germany.


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Certification exam in 2 parts and EBC*L level B certificate if successful