PRINCE2® Foundation Certification course

The training of PRINCE2 Foundation is no doubt a must have education event for everybody. Not just only for project managers, members of the project board but literally for all having something to do with projects, i.e. those who participate in any role, are influenced as stakeholders or take decisions as the senior management members. In the time now of dynamic business changes it simply behoves everybody to know this method that is an official project management standard in UK – both in the public and commercial sector.

PRINCE2® is a very flexible method to manage all kind of projects. It was first developed as PROMPT (Project Resource Organisation Management Planning Techniques) because of a need to improve efficiency of government projects, next modified to be PRINCE® and finally became PRINCE2® with the year of edition stated (2002, 2005, 2009, 2017).  PRINCE2® means PRojects IN Controlled Enviroments. It is the international bestseller because it introduces common language/terminology that is used and understood by project participants. The method itself is very flexible and scalable that defines in a clear way project lifecycle from project preparation throughout the stages to the closure. In the PRINCE2® environment all project participants are appointed clear roles and responsibilities – it is known who takes what decisions and who has what delegated to do. The method is a prescription for an success of an endeavour, where the success is understood as an achievement of the business benefits. The flexibility of PRINCE2® allows to use it in a bureaucratic waterfall way or in agile style. The mention prescription for a success is composed of 21 general elements. There are:

  • 7 principles (imperatives), that absolutely must be applied and followed in a project
  • 7 processes that build project lifecycle
  • 7 themes – (management areas) that must be correctly used in each process of a project.

26 management products and a need to tailor the method to each project are linked to the processes and themes. The management products mentioned above may take a form of a large document, just a note but even a simple agreement. PRINCE2® is not at all difficult but expand a skill to analyse each project in the expert way.

The participants of this course may continue their adventure with PRINCE2 and expand their project management competencies by joining the following courses:

  • PRINCE2® Practitioner – during which the participant will be able to apply their Foundation knowledge in practical project scenarios and events. This course is very effective in preparation for PRINCE2® Practitioner exam.

Benefits for the participants

  • Possibility to get the international certificate – PRINCE2® Foundation
  • The participants get familiar with the professional terminology and language
  • Full familiarization with the project anatomy
  • Understanding how to use PRINCE2® either in the waterfall or agile way
  • Practical advises how to use in the organizations
  • Professional training concept
    • Reach pre-course reading that introduces candidates to PRINCE2®
    • Slide modules summarized by exam style questions
    • Possibility to receive slides in PDF form
    • Additional auctorial exam samples
    • Practical exercises based on attractive project scenario

Training methods

  • On-line, Covid-19 responsible, via reliable internet platform
  • Lectures with discussions
  • Practical exercises
  • Solving and explaining exam sample question

Training language



3 days


Web-based training and certification: €980

V.A.T. is not included

Course programme and schedule

Day 1

  1. Introduction to the course
  2. Introduction to project management
  • The governance of the business change and P3M3 model
  • Project, programme, portfolio
  • Project characteristics
  • Agile vs. Waterfall
  1. PRINCE2 overview
  • The structure of PRINCE2
  • Principles
  • Themes
  • Processes
  • Tailoring and embedding PRINCE2 – minimal requirements
  1. Starting up a project process
  • Exercise: PP products
  1. Organization theme
  2. Business case theme
  3. Homework
  • PRINCE2 Foundation exam samples

 Day 2

  1. Homework debrief
  2. Directing a project process
  3. Initiating a project process
  4. Plans theme
  • Exercise: Stage plan
  1. Managing a stage boundary process
  • Exercise: End of the management stage
  1. Change theme
  2. Risk theme
  3. Homework
  • PRINCE2 Foundation examination samples


Day 3

  1. Homework debrief
  2. Controlling a stage process
  3. Managing product delivery process
  • Exercise: Pin the Tail on the PRINCE2 Donkey
  1. Quality theme
  2. Progress theme
  • Exercise: Progress (optional))
  1. Closing a project process
  2. The course summary

 The exam day

  1. PRINCE2 Foundation examination
  • Initial administration procedure – 25 min.
  • Exam – 60 min. (+15 min. for eligible candidates)
  • For willing candidates exam check and result information – 30 min.

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