ENTRE-YOU Discussion meeting with representatives from the Business

The project ENTRE-YOU approaches the end of its development. All training materials, including Training Curriculum, Methodology, Training Kit with resources are available in English. Now runs a process of translation into local languages by project partners.

The important question we focus now  is the most relevant implementation of project resources in practice.

ENTRE-YOU had established target groups for project implementation.

School of business competences decided to focus on two possible target groups:

– Institutions that are responsible for social work with unemployed young disadvantaged people and

– The Business, where different firms and corporations actively organize orientation and internship programs.


School of business competences organized a discussion meeting in Sofia on  22 of May with representatives from the Business.

The participants represented different industrial sectors – Production, IT, Banking, Services and Commerce. All of them were responsible and had their experience with corporate induction of young people without previous work experience.

The topics raised and discussed during the meeting were

1. The way young people perceive the nature of future work.  How to meet those expectations with the business needs and reality?

Resources from Module 1 of ENTRE-YOU illustrated how to reveal what are the hopes, fears of young people and how the corporate specialists may help them avoid their internal barriers.

2. How do employers may use the Orientation programs or internship period to establish a  Brand loyalty?

Activities from Module 2 revealed practical examples. We gain an  agreement that involvement of  top managers and showing their support to the program will improve the influence on trainees about business opportunities. Illustrations with  success stories about other young people entering the company and developing successful carriers will impress and influence the way trainees perceive the business environment.

3. Social skills.  How to facilitate understanding about  mutual respect, dependability when working with others and  responsibility about own contribution?

Participants discussed the importance of the business simulations. We introduces some activities, submitted by the program ENTRE-YOU in Modules 3 and 4 that involve trainees in business simulations and role plays. So that in an easy and fun way young people may understand the  difference between  the way they behave in personal life  and the way the Business expects them to behave at work.

4. How to continue the First step done during Orientation or Internship activities with next corporate initiatives about young people who enter the Business?

We discussed how does Module Five in the program depicts next steps.  We commented corporate practices and plans for  individual work with every trainee in a form of  mentoring or other ways of support during the transition period of adaptation.

At the end of the meeting we open up the space for further individual adjustments of ENTRE-YOU resources to tailor the needs of companies.

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