6 teams in “AQ Electric” competed in the “Entrepreneurship” business game

On March 28 and 30, 2023, AQ ELECTRIC AD, Radomir, together with its partner School of Business Competencies, Sofia, conducted training on “Entrepreneurship” in the form of a business game.

6 teams from the electric division of “AQ Electric” AD participated in the game. The teams included specialists from different departments – railway industry and system products, automation, quality. People from different departments organized themselves into these 6 teams. This contributed in the course of the game to consider the points of view of different AQ Electric’s organizational units and specialists.

“Entrepreneurial Business” is one of the fundamental values of AQ Group AB. The training was specifically designed to demonstrate how group values are manifested in the process of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. In parallel, the business game applied the concept of lean manufacturing to the development of an entrepreneurial venture.

The Entrepreneurship game took place in 4 rounds, each covering an important stage in the development of an entrepreneurial venture. The rounds began with a brief introduction to stage-specific concepts and tools and continued with the implementation of a mission to develop an entrepreneurial idea in the context of the business of JSC “Electric” AD.

In Round 1, teams formulated an entrepreneurial idea related to their practice and constructed a value proposition to relevant internal and external customers.

In Round 2, the teams built the business model that produces and delivers the value proposition from Round 1 to the target customer segment.

In Round 3, the teams chose a strategy to present their entrepreneurial venture to potential internal and external sponsors of that venture and prepared an executive summary with the main points.

In Round 4, teams presented their entrepreneurial ventures to their peers.

Finally, each of the participants evaluated the work of the teams. Each team received a prize depending on the scores of their entrepreneurial venture.

The participants in the training highlighted a number of good practices in “AQ Electric” AD, discussed current problems and challenges, proposed various solutions and genuinely enjoyed themselves.

The School of Business Competences provided the teams and HR department with a set of business tools and templates that they can use in the future to develop and present entrepreneurial ventures.

Picture 1: Thinking


Picture 2: Discussing

Picture 3: Achieving

Picture 4: Building the entrepreneurial spirit to reach the AQ Group core value: Business for Entrepreneurs.