To Agile or not to Agile – that is a question


This project management meeting is dedicated to agile approaches that started to be perceived as the universal remedy for all project related problems in the organizations. A lot of discussions, opinions and chaos were introduced to the area of agile management. For example we may hear that traditional “Waterfall” approaches are in conflict with new modern agile way of acting so either PRINCE2 or SCRUM/any agile method.


There is a great energy in agile approach but unfortunately many organizations could not succeed when they followed the instructions of incompetent bards. Agile is just one of governance layers that must be present in the organization that is focused mainly not on project but team management. During the meeting we will highlight all the change governance layers:

  • Portfolio
  • Programme
  • Project
  • Team
  • Development/Delivery


and we will point where and how we can use agile and we should combine it with another governance guidance.


The meeting would be held in English and refer most to the particular We invite:


  • Board members
  • Directors
  • Project Managers
  • Team Managers
  • PMO employees
  • IT specialists that believe agile way will help to establish good relations with business
  • Business users that would live to create collaborative relations with IT
  • All interested


Topics covered:


  • The history of failed “agile” project
  • Business change governance layers in the organizations
  • Agile methods in the organizational governance
  • The philosophy, principles, process and practices of AgilePM
  • The best of agile – summary

The meeting is organised by SBC in cooperation with OMEC, Poland

Language: English.

Date: 05.06.2014

Participation: It is free, we need Your confirmation per email or phone.

Place: 49 , Osogovo Str.  City Avenue hotel