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What is ENTRE-YOU?

A European project, funded by EU under the program  Erasmus +,  category KA2 Strategic partnerships.

A partnership between 7 countries with the goal to develop comprehensive VET program leading to internationally recognized certification (EBC*L, European Business Competence License).

It provides young jobseekers, especially those with socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds, with the basic economic knowledge and key competences needed for successful entry into the labor market.

The project is funded by the European Union through the Erasmus+ Program.



Youth unemployment is one of the most pressing challenges European labour markets and VET systems face. According to Eurostat there were 4,96 million unemployed persons under 25 years old in the EU 28 in December 2014, which amounts to a youth unemployment rate of 21.4 %.

While many young people search in vain for employment or apprenticeship positions, vacancies are often not filled because employers complain they cannot find suitable young candidates. Among the reasons for this gap are lacking basic knowledge about the way enterprises function and an unsatisfactory level of key competences.


Our Mission

Since this challenge is a common European challenge, therefore it is important to find transnational solutions.

Even more so, as there is a divide running across Europe: While there are countries with relatively low youth unemplomyment rates (Austria 9.0%, The Netherlands 9.6%), there are other coutries with very high rates of unemployment among young people (Spain 51.4%, Croatia 44.8%, Romania 23.3%, Bulgaria 21.6%). Working together, learning from each other and transfering good practices is the key to improving the situation.