The business processes are the organization’s management algorithms. They are fundamental for creating and delivering value to the clients. More and more enterprises are organizing their business on a process approach. This confronts them with the challenges of designing, implementing, operating, monitoring, measuring, optimizing and improving their business processes.
For many businesses, however, sooner or later a time comes when the easy opportunities for improvement are exhausted. For them it is time for a fundamental change. It is time for business process reengineering!
This training is dedicated to the reengineering of business processes in the enterprise. It examines the reengineering of business processes from three perspectives: business, information technology, and good practices & ISO-management standards.
The course introduces universal and easy to understand approach to business processes reengineering through the organization’s business model. The effectiveness of the approach through a series of case studies for business processes reengineering in real enterprises is demonstrated.
The course answers several questions:

  • What is the relation between reengineering the organization and business processes reengineering?
  • Why improving the performance of an organization means business processes reengineering?
  • Is there any simple and efficient approach to business processes reengineering?
  • How to adapt and use generic processes from best practice & management standards (PRINCE2, Agile, ITIL, ISO 9001, ISO 20000, and the like) and information systems (ERP, CRM, …) when reengineering processes?
  • How to really make an ISO-management system’s processes work?
  • How to apply some popular business tools like Value Proposition Canvas and Business Model Canvas, to design the best value for the clients and the processes of delivering that value to the clients?
  • How to design the behaviour of the roles in the business process and motivate people follow that behaviour?
  • How to visualize business processes by BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) and prepare them for automation?

If interested to dramatically improve the performance of your organization, join this course!

Target audience

The matter under discussion in this training is suitable to business owners, C-level managers, business analysts, business process owners, ISO-management systems owners, process engineers, marketing specialists, IT specialists, consultants.

Benefits for the participants

The benefits for the participants in this training are:

  • Knowledge about new method for business processes reengineering based on elegant business models’ tools,
  • Business processes reengineering method applicable to any industry,
  • Knowledge about the evolutionary and revolutionary approaches to processes reengineering,
  • Understanding how generic processes from best practices and ISO-management standards can be used when reengineering processes. How an ISO-management system which really works can be developed, implemented and maintained in a lean-way and as a by-product,
  • Knowledge about process roles’ behaviour design,
  • Knowledge about Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) and software tools of modelling business processes,
  • Practical guides how to apply in the organizations,
  • A lot of examples and new ideas from the practice,
  • 100% time dedicated to substantive themes,
  • Training resources provided in PDF.

Training method

  • Lectures with discussions,
  • Implementation into real life examples and business cases,
  • Practical exercises for modelling business process with BPMN,
  • Covid-19 responsible training via internet platform.


3 days.


Face-to-face training: €594 per student

Web-based training: €510

Special price for in-company training of a group of up to 15 students: €3300

Value added tax is not included.


Certificates issued by the School of Business Competences Ltd.

The School of Business Competences, est. 2005, is accredited by:

(1) The Bulgarian National Agency for Vocational Education and Training (NAVET). The School is licenced by NAVET as vocational education centre.

(2) EBC*L International – The European Business Competences Licence as training and examination centre for EBC*L certifications.

Course programme and schedule

Day 1

1. Introduction to the course

2. Business processes

Definitions. Characteristics. Challenges along a business process lifecycle. Three important perspectives to the business processes: business; good practices & ISO-management standards; and information technology.

3. Business Processes Reengineering

The beginning: reengineering the corporation and reengineering business processes. General directions. When and why business processes reengineering is required? Symptoms of malfunctioning business process. Business process analysis methods. Two strategies for business processes improvement – evolutionary and revolutionary. Which of the two approaches should we choose?

Exercise: Analysis of “Service requests management” process.

4. Shortcut to business processes reengineering through the organization’s business model

The business model concept. The nine building blocks of a business model. Two elegant business tools: Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas. Applying the business model’s tools for reengineering processes. The business processes reengineering algorithm and how it works in evolutionary/revolutionary mode. Start with the customer segment and value proposition to that customer segment and work backwards to the business model which produces and delivers that value to the customer segment.

Case study: Reengineering business processes at Business Rescue Services Ltd.

Day 2

Case study: Reengineering business processes at Water Heaters Inc.

5. Adapting generic processes from good practices, ISO-management standards, and IT-systems

Considering the recommendations and requirements of good practices and management standards, as well as good practices embedded in popular information systems. If you decide to implement and certify an ISO-management system – a lean approach which allows to develop significant part of the management system as a by-product in parallel with the business processes reengineering.

Exercise: Water Heaters adopts ISO 20000-1 – IT Service Management Systems – Service Report process.

6. Process’ roles behaviour design

Behaviour design. Habits development cycle.

Case study: Business Rescue Services Ltd. sales team behaviour design.

Exercise: Behaviour design.

7. Documenting business processes

ISO-style of documenting processes. What should the business process’ document contain? Verbal and graphical presentation of a process.

Exercise: Documentation of a process.

Day 3

8. Modelling and management of business processes

Levels of modelling and management: Business model; activities and instances of activities; processes and instances of processes; tasks and instances of tasks. Specific KPIs in the business model’s blocks. Designing KPIs for a business process. Business process implementation.

Exercise: Designing process’ KPIs

9. Business processes modelling tools

What business processes modelling tool to choose so that the models are easy to be understood – both by business and IT professionals? The BPMN open standard (Business Process Model and Notation). Main elements of BPMN. Business processes modelling software.

Exercises: Modelling business processes with BPMN.

10. Course summary. Discussion. Q&A.

Business cases

Reengineering business processes at Business Rescue Services Ltd.

This business case traces the development of Business Rescue Services Limited (BRS). BRS is a consulting start-up that provides rescuing services to companies in difficulty. The case covers a series of business processes design and reengineering tasks. BRS starts with a simple business model and two key processes. Initially these business processes are modelled by check-lists. But the business grows, and evolutionary improvements are implemented. The improved processes are modelled by BPMN.

However, changes in the business environment are exhausting opportunities for evolutionary improvement. The time has come for revolutionary reengineering of the business. BRS must make decisive changes in the business. The consequences are: serious changes in the BRS’ business model, key activities and design of new processes from scratch.

Reengineering business processes at Water Heaters Inc.

Water Heaters Inc. has started as a producer of traditional water heaters. The company was the first to introduce a water heater managed via internet by a smartphone app. Nowadays Water Heaters faces the challenge to rethink its business. The aims are to serve new customer segments, dramatically improve technical maintenance, company marketing and sales activities.

Business Rescue Services Ltd. sales team behaviour design

This case demonstrates how BRS uses habits development cycle, agile project management ideas and rituals to reshape sales team members behaviour according to the reengineered sales process requirements.


Ognyan Drenski, MSc in mathematics.

Mr. Drenski is director and lead trainer and consultant at The School of Business Competences (SBC), Sofia, Bulgaria. He has more than 30 years’ experience in IT as software developer, project and team leader, IT manager in several industries, CEO of ICT companies.

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